In an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, Dak-Wal Constructions has:

  • Implemented a new COVID-19 Workplace Policy

  • Introduced additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements

  • Triaging customers prior to booking jobs and again prior to attending site


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  • Contact the insured each working day to confirm no one in the home is sick or in self-isolation. Also confirm that they have not come in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • COMPLETE THE DAK-WAL CONSTRUCTIONS COVID-19 TRIAGE QUESTIONS prior to attending site- completed questionnaires must be uploaded to the ‘DOCS’ Section for EACH JOB

  • Explain to the insured why you are wearing the additional PPE- face mask to stop you touching your mouth/face, gloves for hand protection, shoe covers

  • Have a plan with the insured whilst on site- this may mean they wait in another room, or they stay inside the house and do not come outside

  • Use telephone contact instead of face-to-face contact wherever possible

  • Social distancing rules must remain- no shaking hands or handshake alternatives



  • One person per 4 square metre rule adhered to at all times/ 1.5 metre distance at all times including in vehicles

  • No external visitors or third parties to enter site (this includes family members)

  • No more than six (6) workers on site at ANY TIME

  • Ensure Government mandatory self-isolation rules adhered to- 14 days (Contact Dak-Wal Constructions immediately)

  • Establish clear work areas and provide physical barriers as needed

  • Do as much work off site as you can

  • Carry out works externally instead of internally where possible

  • If you see someone not adhering to any rules outlined in Dak-Wal or Government communications, contact Dak-Wal Constructions immediately

  • Increase internal ventilation where possible

  • Create an action plan should someone enter the site who has potentially been exposed to COVID-19- contact Dak-Wal Constructions immediately (your Manager , WHS Advisor & HR Manager)

  • Social distancing rules must remain- no shaking hands or handshake alternatives



  • WEAR DISPOSABLE GLOVES- these must be put on before you enter the premises and taken off and disposed of immediately as you exit the premises

  • WEAR A FACE MASK- these should be worn as a precaution to stop you touching your mouth

  • Do NOT touch your face, mouth, nose or eyes

  • Shoe covers to be worn provided they do not create a health and safety risk- these will be changed for each premises and disposed of appropriately

  • New PPE requirements adhered to at all times- face mask, disposable gloves, shoe covers

  • Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap or use hand sanitiser

  • If you are feeling sick, displaying cold and flu-like symptoms, or you have been in contact with someone who is, STAY HOME


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